Top 5 Beaches in the Lovely Tenerife
If you have been looking out for wonderful sandy beaches and exotic shelters to shy away from the crowd, Tenerife will cover your every need and desire and even go the extra mile for you. It goes without even saying that you will be able to have a great time on the beaches of such an idyllic place to be during summer. In order to offer you some food for thought, below you will come to see the top 5 beaches in Tenerife. As you will come to see, there is a little something for everyone towards meeting the criteria of all the travellers around the globe.
First and foremost, we find El Medano. This is by far the most famous beach for kite surfing in the world. It is no wonder why the World Championship is held here every single year. It is a great beach with ample places to sunbathe and of course engage in water sports. Then, there is Playa Jardin. Perfectly combined palm trees, soft sand and botanical gardens complete the scenery of such an amazing beach in Tenerife. You will be lost for words at the spectacular landforms and the crystal clear waters that you can enjoy. El Camison is another wonderful beach that you can relish with your family, since it is easily accessible and it can offer unique opportunities for water sports.
Playa de las Teresitas can take pride in having white sand sent all the way from Sahara and this adds to the overall picturesque nature of this popular beach. Completing the top 5 of Tenerife beaches, we find La Arena. Being located in one of the finest resorts of Tenerife, La Arena offers the ultimate pleasure for anyone in search of azure waters and velvet sand.
Explore the spectacular coastline of Tenerife and dive in the pristine waters of one of the fabulous destinations of the world!