The Myth of Atlas and the Garden of Hesperides
Atlas was one of the fierce Giants who had fought by the side of Titans against Zeus and the other Gods. As a result, Zeus had sentenced Atlas to hold the sky on his back for an eternity. He was located in the Strait of Gibraltar and therefore he was nowhere to be seen by people from the known world in antiquity. His daughters were the Hesperides or else the beautiful gardeners in the idyllic garden, where some truly precious apples grew. One of the labours of Hercules back in the day was to grab hold of these apples and bring them home with him. Since Hercules was not only strong but also witty, he tricked the Giant Atlas into bringing him the apples, despite the dragon that stood on guard.

If you have a closer look at the Canaries and you picture the past with the frequent eruptions of the volcano, you will see how the myth of the dragon keeping watch in the garden of Hesperides was born and nourished over the centuries. It is certainly a sight for sore eyes and an emblematic landform in Tenerife. The location of Gibraltar as the place where the sky and the Earth meet is symbolic of course, but it can be totally justified from the scenery all around. In this blessed place, poets and philosophers have imagined the beginning of a different time and a different world entirely.

Find yourself in such a locale that is rich in tradition and legends, history and myths and get carried away by the spectacular settings and the mythical figments of imagination that have survived throughout the centuries!